Hey there! My name is Leah Jones.

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach through the AFPA.

I’ve always been someone my friends & family gravitated to for advice, and I’ve always loved listening and helping any way I knew how. I started my own health journey about 15 years ago, and as the years went on I became the go to person everyone came to for wellness tips and guidance. I loved helping others and it felt good seeing my suggestions truly change the lives of others and their perception on health. Here’s a my background story:

Acne was the kickstart of my entire health journey. It was sudden cystic acne that appeared around age 16 and I had no clue why it was happening to me. I knew absolutely nothing about skin conditions or what caused them. I never realized the importance of what you allow into your body. I certainly never knew what holistic health was. My only regret is not knowing then what I know now-that the true meaning of wellness is not just what you eat. Along with your physical well being, it is just as much the emotional, mental and spiritual part of yourself. Your optimal wellness is your environment, your relationships, how you respond and so much more. 

If I had known this when I developed acne all over my face, I likely would have cleared my skin much sooner, with less scarring, less tears and less stress. Years went by of me picking my skin, getting more stressed (causing more acne), trying every product on the market that promised to fix my skin, getting painful chemical peels, seeing multiple endocrinologists and dermatologists with no answers and unsuccessful medications. I did two rounds of accutane and could never complete the second round due to severe joint pain as a side effect. This caused my anxiety that I already dealt with for most of my life to rear its ugly head, piggy backed with bouts of depression. After seeing a therapist I was put on xanax and lexapro to help me deal with my symptoms. I began researching the link between food and skin and after a year of studying, I became vegan for about 8 years. Veganism helped my skin a little bit and I also love animals so it was a win-win for me. The seed was planted in my head between nutrition and skin, I knew my body was trying to tell me something. 

Nothing else added up just yet- I was smoking cigarettes and partied a lot, overworking myself as a waitress and bartender, drinking tons of coffee and energy drinks here and there, and definitely not sleeping enough. I eventually just became fed up and started slowly adding more whole foods into my vegan diet in year 2016, (nearly 15 years of dealing with skin problems and still unaware that stress plays a major factor in acne). During this time is when I realized I was dealing with some major gut imbalances that I had to address with the help of herbs and Whole Foods. As I slowly began healing my gut, stress entered my life in a different form soon after when I married my husband, Mike. No no, he is not the stress factor! 

However, with big changes in life positive or not, comes stress. We moved from my home state for the first time and Mike is in the military so moving ,deployments and long work weeks became the norm. Our lives were followed by other big changes; the birth of our precious daughter in October 2019, postpartum anxiety and PTSD due to retained placenta and emergency DNC and the loss of our furry family member the same week we bought a home. Along the way we added 3 large dogs and a cat to our family. All of this has happened in our 2 years of marriage-you could imagine how much that can be to deal with emotionally for an anxious person like myself! I quit smoking in January 2019, a month before I found out I was pregnant in February. Once we got the incredible news I knew it was time to go all in for my health and my soon to be baby girl. I read everything I could on having a holistic natural pregnancy and birth, attended birth classes at our local birth center and really dove into the holistic wellness world head first. I was (and still am) enjoying whole foods and learning holistic remedies while preparing for my child’s birth. I wanted to become the expert in holistic health so I could better care for my family, prevent chronic disease and give us all a beautiful healthy life. After my daughter, Scarlett, was 6 months old I enrolled in a Holistic Health Coaching certification program online through the AFPA. Throughout the program I learned the true meaning of holistic health-QUALITY over quantity.

 I am still continuing my education in holistic wellness every single day. I am also currently working on my Pilates instructor certification to expand my knowledge on the human body and how every part of us is connected and impacts one another. As I work on my education I stay home and care for my daughter, train and stay active with my three dogs, care for my home, make nutritious meals, grocery shop, make time for self-care, RELAX when I need to, and listen to my body. All the while I work with my wonderful clients and dedicate time to provide them with my knowledge, passion, commitment and results. 

This is not to brag about how I can do it all- rather admit that I have struggled and still struggle at times, and I know what it’s like- but I have created a life that works and implemented strategies to keep me healthy, happy, and grounded. I can help you do the same.   

The goal is not the number of years you can be on this earth, it is the quality of those years that matter. I now make getting enough sleep a priority, meditate daily, eat intuitively and wholesomely, rest when needed, follow my personal strategies for managing my home, family and self-care to keep my anxiety at bay and live peacefully. My skin is healing, my soul is healing, and I could not be more excited to share the feeling with you. My true belief is that health is wealth, let me help you find yours.


A little bit about me!

Welcome! I’m Leah Jones,  Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach. My main focus is helping women with stress and anxiety relief with wholesome and holistic

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