Pilates is suitable for beginners, gentle for those with limitations, and is challenging for those who are already training and want to improve their performance, prevent injury, and incorporate a new form of conditioning. This incredible fitness regime can benefit anyone regardless of their fitness level and delivers better posture, pelvic & core stability, balance, and overall improved strength. 

Pilates deepens your connection between your body & mind, and helps bring you into the present moment. This is a wonderful fitness addition to any holistic health journey, and can be done from home with zero equipment or on a pilates reformer with a certified instructor. 

Leah has a long history of playing sports and using exercise for stress relief and fun. She has always incorporated some type of mat pilates into her workouts because she loved how much it strengthened her core. 

After she gave birth to her daughter, she developed pelvic instability and lower back pain. When she saw a pelvic floor therapist, they recommended going to a pilates class. After stepping foot into a studio and being introduced to the pilates reformer, Leah fell in love. After just a few weeks her pelvic instability greatly improved, and her back pain was non-existent. She knew right away she wanted to learn more and become an instructor so she could help other women on their journey to wellness.

Leah received her certification through The Pilates Sports Center. She absolutely adores working 1:1 with clients so she can provide them with a fully customized program, but she also enjoys teaching others mat pilates online and in an in -person group setting!

1:1 Private Studio Sessions

55 Minutes

Private sessions on the reformer grants you with individualized time with the instructor to give you detailed supervision and guidance. You will be provided with an initial consultation to discuss your health history, possible limitations, and fitness goals. Leah will then create a custom program for you and guide you every step of the way on your pilates journey! 


Intro Session   $35

Single Session   $55

8 Class Package   $400

12 Class Package   $570

Contact me below to inquire about private sessions and availability.

(Located in Southern California)

Online Zoom Sessions

55 Minutes

Mat pilates is just as effective as pilates done on the reformer. This is a really great choice if you are looking to workout from home and still want results with your fitness regime. This also is a cool option because you can be located anywhere, and all you need is your laptop, a mat, and some time. You can also use your own equipment if you choose in order to enhance your workout. 






Private Session   $30   (very limited availability)

Group Session  $10   (max 10 attendees)

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